With Go Go bike hire you can discover this area for yourself on two wheels.

Cycling in France & Routes

Cycling is a very popular past time in France and a common sight at the week-end is seeing individuals and families out on their bikes cycling the country roads, the coastline and dedicated cycle paths, whilst enjoying the stunning scenery, or you may (briefly!) see a peloton of road bike cyclists competing in a local tournament speed by! The French government and local authorities are continually working hard to provide safe and enjoyable cycling for all and, because it’s such an important past time in French culture, we find motorists are much more considerate of cyclists than we've experienced in the UK!

We provide cycle hire in the Vendée and Deux-Sèvres, two popular holiday areas in France.  The Vendee is a province situated in the middle of France's west coast and takes it name from the river that runs through it.  It's said to be one of the sunniest places in France with nearly 2500 hours of sunshine per year, so why not hire a bike and explore the Vendée's famous long and sandy Atlantic coastline and quiet paths and roads in the heart of the beautiful countryside - with more than 1000 km of cycling tracks around the department there's so much to see!

The Deux-Sèvres is a department in the Poitou-Charentes region and is named after two rivers, the Sèvre Nantaise and the Sèvre Niortaise. A main tourist attraction is the Marais Poitevin, a lowland area of marshes and waterways, and you’ll also find beautiful countryside and historic towns. With its natural beauty it’s a great place to explore and made easy on the well sign-posted paths, quiet agricultural roads and dedicated cycle tracks, why not discover this area for yourself on two wheels.

.... and don’t forget to pack a picnic and make a day of it!




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