Terms and conditions

Please read the following thoroughly as on booking with GoGo Bike Hire, also referred to as GGBH, you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.

1. Booking

1.1 Please contact GGBH to book your bike and accessory hire either by email or telephone.

1.2 A booking is made by submitting a completed Booking Form to GGBH. Once confirmed a non-refundable deposit equal to 25% of total booking is required and can be paid through the PayPal link via our website or bank transfer.

1.3 Upon acceptance of your booking and receipt of the non-refundable deposit by GGBH, a binding contract is formed with GGBH and is subject to the Terms and Conditions set out below.

1.4 We reserve the right not to accept or fulfil a booking. All bookings are subject to availability.

2. Payment

2.1 The balance of your hire is due no less than 2 weeks prior to start of hire, which can be paid via the PayPal link on our website or by bank transfer. For bookings made within 2 weeks of hire we will accept payment via the PayPal link on our website or bank transfer prior to delivery or by French cheque or Euros on delivery.

2.2 On delivery a nominal 50 Euros security deposit per total booking is to be paid to GGBH, which will be refunded on collection subject to condition of bikes and accessories. Please see 2.3 for full charges regarding loss and damage to bikes and accessories.

2.3 The Hirer will be held financially liable for any loss or damage to the bike(s) and accessories hired for the whole party and accepts full responsibility for ensuring that any and all members included in the Hire comply with and are fully aware of these Terms and Conditions and guarantee payment to GGBH. Charges follow:

Adult Bike = 200 Euros

Child Bike = 150 Euros

Tag Along = 100 Euros

Baby Trailer = 100 Euros

Child Seat = 50 Euros

All accessories = 30 Euros

3. Our Responsibility

3.1 GGBH constantly inspect and maintain their hire bikes. Your bike(s) will be in a satisfactory and legally roadworthy condition on delivery. If there are any problems then these should be reported immediately to GGBH and a replacement bike will be issued or repairs made.

3.2 If a problem occurs during rental we will provide a replacement bike within 24 hours of notification.

3.3 A puncture repair kit and spare inner tube are supplied with all bike hires but if a call-out is required for the assistance of puncture repairs a call out charge of 25 Euros will be charged. You understand that in the event of mechanical failure, other than punctures, GGBH will offer a collection service but reserve the right to charge a fee dependent upon the situation.

3.4 GGBH is not responsible for death, personal injury or damage to you or your personal property incurred by you whilst riding the bike.

4. Your Responsibility

4.1 It is your responsibility to ensure that on delivery the bike(s) and accessories hired from GGBH are in a proper working order and you agree they are in a satisfactory and safe condition and fit for purpose. If there are any problems then these must be reported immediately to GGBH and another bike will be issued. You understand that components such as brakes, control cables and tyres will deteriorate whilst riding and accept this inherent danger.

4.2 You agree to safeguard the bike(s) and accessories by ensuring that the bike(s) (front wheel and frame) is, using the lock supplied with your hire, always locked to a fixed object when unattended or kept in a locked building. Even when locked, it is the Hirer’s responsibility not to leave unattended for extended periods of time.

4.3 You agree to notify GGBH immediately in the event of any loss or damage to the bike(s). It is your responsibility to report stolen bikes to the local police and to provide GGBH with the police report. If the bike is recovered in an acceptable condition, GGBH will refund the replacement charge to you.

4.4 You will not offer the hire bike(s) and accessories for sale, sell, lend or otherwise part with possession.

4.5 You agree not to operate the bike or permit the bike to be operated whilst unfit through drink or drugs. You agree not to undertake any manoeuvre which is beyond your level of skill or unsuitable for the bike’s capacity. The bike(s) you have hired is purely for leisure use on roads and path and cycle routes and not suitable for tricks, jumps or mountain biking. Do not take the bike(s) on the beach, in the sand or ride into the sea, river or lake. Only one person is allowed on the bike at any one time, unless a GGBH child seat is in use. You agree to ride safely and adhere to French cycling highway laws and road traffic legislation at all times.

4.6 Children must be supervised by adults.

4.7 You understand that cycling involves a certain element of risk. You are advised that any person using GGBH bikes and accessories does so entirely at their own risk and we do not accept any liability for death, personal injury, loss or damage to property beyond its legal obligation and you accept liability and all costs arising from injury to you and your third parties.

4.8 You will ensure that you have suitable insurance cover at all times during your period of hire.

4.9 Helmets accompany every hire free of charge and, although it’s not a law in France for an adult to wear a cycling helmet, we strongly recommend everyone wears one.  From March 2017 it is now the law in France for children 12 and under to wear a cycle helment whether they are cycling themselves or a passenger - adults accompanying children not wearing a helmet will be fined.  For those in your group who make the decision not to wear a protective cycling helmet, by signing these Terms and Conditions you assume full responsibility for any accident, injury or death which should occur as a result of taking this decision.

4.10 By signing these Terms and Conditions you are declaring on behalf of your party that everyone is in good health and that the party are not suffering from any medical condition or disability that is likely to adversely affect normal control of the bike.

4.11 Liability for injury, disability and death of the hirer, party and other persons caused is the obligation of the Hirer and the Hirer shall indemnify and hold GGBH harmless from and against all such liability.

5. Delivery

5.1 At the time of booking we will agree a delivery and collection date with you. We cannot always guarantee a specific time and will offer a morning or afternoon delivery / collection. However, if you require a specific time we may be able to offer this closer to the delivery / collection date and we will contact you to discuss.

5.2 We will advise you at least 24 hours prior to delivery if we have to change your delivery schedule for any reason and if this is not acceptable to you, you are within your right to cancel your bike hire order and we will refund all monies paid.

5.3 Unless otherwise agreed, you must be present at the time of delivery / collection of the bike(s) and accessories and provide a signature, proof of identity and, where applicable, the balance owed on delivery. If you are not present at the agreed date / time for delivery or collection and a redelivery/collection is required, this may result in a charge of 25 euros. Please notify us immediately if you will not be present at the property for a delivery / collection and we will reschedule.

5.4 If we experience delays in delivery or collection due to issues beyond our control, eg heavy traffic, we will notify you by phone as soon as possible.

6. Cancellation and Amendments to Bookings

6.1 Cancellation can be made by phone and must be confirmed in writing – emails are accepted. Your booking deposit is non refundable and if you cancel your booking more than 48 hours prior to your booking GGBH has the discretion to charge 20% of the total rental fee and if your booking is cancelled less than 48 hours before the confirmed delivery slot GGBH has the discretion to charge 50% of the booking fee.

6.2 Amendments to a booking can be made up to 48 hours prior to your hire. GGBH reserve the right to charge a 20% admin fee against the refund due where amendments to reduce the number of bikes and/or the duration of hire are made.

6.3 If you would like to extend the duration of your hire, please contact us as soon as possible and at least 24 hours prior to the agreed collection date.

7. Website

7.1 The information provided in our website is accurate at the time of writing and we do not accept liability for any errors or omissions contained that causes loss to the Hirer, which may arise from reliance on information contained within.

The owners of GoGo Bike Hire: Mr Richard and Mrs Angie Spurrier, 85390 Mouilleron-en-Pareds, Vendee, France -
Siret No. 803 223 478 00014

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